IT Support Strategic Plan 2016


Area of Service #4: Installing, maintaining and/or repairing education related technology equipment

and software.



Measurable Objectives


Action Plan/Activities


Evaluation Outcome(s)

WVDE Priority


Person Responsible



To provide cost effective and efficient IT services to the eight counties in the RESA 8 region.















Provide instruction to RESA 8

staff on new projects and emerging technology as needed.








Provide training and support for  WVEIS in the  RESA 8 region.














Monitor work load and assign duties to technicians based on need and expertise.


Offer incentive to technicians to expaind knowledge and explore relevant technologies.


Work with state counterparts to share common vision. 


Provide training to school personnel to better utilize technology in and out of the classroom environment.






Assist departments with tools to reduce travel (ie online tools, video conference)










Meet with county personnel to develop plans and programs tailored to their needs.


Answer help-desk phone and solve issues using remote solution when possible.


Have training materials available online and accessible continuously.




Utilize online work order system to assign, monitor and report work orders and issues.


Utilize tiered pay system to compensate staff for certifications related to job duties.


Meet with state couterparts periodically to discuss common goals, struggles and initiatives.


Shared expertise across RESAs and join forces for training.






Instruct local users and collaborate with counterparts across the region and state to make effective use of online tools.








Hold regular meetings with county personnel. 


Use train-the-trainer approach to new portal for Education Information System.



Continue to develop more online training tools.





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Priority 8








Priority 7







Priority 7












IT Support

Computer Repair






























IT Support