RESA 8 - A Powerful Engine for Education


Thank you for visiting the RESA 8 website! We are a Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) providing support for 8 WV counties in our region. Below you will find some FAQ about RESA 8 we hope you will find helpful:


Q: What exactly does RESA 8 do? 

A: We provide a multitude of educational services to over 42,000 public school students as well as community members of all ages in our region, which includes the WV counties of Berkeley, Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, Jefferson, Mineral, Morgan and Pendleton.


Q: How can I learn more about RESA 8?

A: You can explore all of our programs and services by clicking on the PROGRAMS tab above. We also invite you to read through our quarterly RESA 8 newsletter and to follow us on Twitter @RESA_8.




Q: How many people work for RESA 8?

A: It takes a lot of hands and hearts to provide all the services we offer at RESA 8. We have approximately 150 full-time and 290 part-time employees on staff. If you are interested in joining the RESA 8 family, you can check for Employment Opportunities by clicking on the link located on the left side of this page.


Q: How are your programs funded?

A: RESA 8 has an annual budget of $12.4 million. Our programs are supported by a combination of state funds provided by the WV legislature ($498,705) plus a number of entitlements and grants that allow us to provide services to our counties.