EPIC provides support to our counties with training and resources for special educators that initiate, improve and maintain special education and related services for identified students with disabilities.

Support topics include:


Therapy Information Management (TIMS)


CPI Training (Crisis Prevention Intervention)          

Developing Effective IEPs/504s                                                                                                      

Differentiated Instruction                          

Formative Assessment                                                                                

Functional Behavior Assessments and Plans

Interventions that Work

IPI (Instructional Practices Inventory)                          

Mental Health First Aid Training  (See Adolescent Health tab)

Monitoring the School Strategic Plan

New Special Education Teacher Mentoring

Personalized Professional Learning                                                            

Professional Learning Communities/Communities of Practice            

Schools Needs Assessments & Diagnostics

Special Education Paraprofessional Training

Special Education Scheduling Support

Specially Designed Instruction

Transition Plans

Universally Designed Learning Environments                                          

Utilizing Data

Utilizing a Variety of instructional methods (Flipped/Blended Learning)



For more information, contact Wendy Lochner at 304-267-3595 ext 102 or 304-267-3544.