Cooperative Purchasing

In order to assist member counties in saving money and in complying with government and state regulations, RESA 8 developed and implemented a procurement system for The Child Nutrition Programs.

The bid is very broad based and includes such items as meats, cheeses, canned fruits, vegetables, breakfast items, cleaning supplies, dry mixes, milk and frozen foods. The bid is a "bottom line" bid submitted once a year in September.

In order to improve upon the quality of the food and discover new products for school food service menus, the eight county Food Service Directors routinely participate in taste tests for the pre-approved items.

Cost savings are a concrete fact. More importantly, the member counties have better control at the county level of "what our children are eating at school". This program affords school food service personnel the opportunity to develop expertise in label analysis and food quality. No longer are the counties at the mercy of one individual vendor at the school level. No longer do the counties have to pay top dollar for second or third quality merchandise. There is a greater opportunity to obtain first quality items at competitive prices.

 Please contact Rayla Owens at or 304-267-3569 for more information.