College and Career Readiness Standards Resources
Achieve the Core

This site proudly promotes “stealing” their materials for educator and classroom use. They offer material for professional development as well as resources for math and ELA teachers.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

This site has the latest and most up-to-date information about CCSS initiatives across the United States. You will have access to their research base, the standards, and exemplar lessons and texts for implementing the standards (within the framework of nextgeneration CSOs).

DOK and Mathematics

In this presentation, Lou Maynus, former Mathematics Coordinator for WVDE, clarifies DOK and its relationship to mathematical processes and assessments. The presentation also summarizes Dr. Webb’s DOK framework concisely, which is applicable to all content areas.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal

Get copies of the Pilot Tests for grades 3-11 using this link. Answers and sample responses are also included.

Standard Algorithm for Math

This video is the first in a series of four videos created to support teachers as they transition students to using the standard algorithm for computation.  The focus is on the written communication not the order steps are completed. 

Standards for Mathematical Practice

This link provides useful resources for math teachers at all programmatic levels.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Levels

This site provides a quick glance at the four levels with appropriate verbs for each level. Please keep in mind that the verb should not be the sole indicator for the level of complexity involved with the material.

WVDE DOK Analysis

This site references the 21st Century CSOs, but it does include a complete analysis of each standard from Dr. Norman Webb for math, English/Language Arts, science, and social studies.

Teacher Resources

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Read Aloud Project - Common Core-aligned lessons for K-2 picture, informational, and chapter books.

Community Code pkx52i t


Basal Alignment Project - Free, Common Core-aligned lesson revisions for popular 3rd-5th grade Basal readers

Community Code  f4q6nm


Anthology Alignment Project - Free, Common Core-aligned lesson revisions for popular grade 6-10 Anthologies, collaboratively authored by educators. 

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Teaching Channel

This website has videos on a variety of topics for teachers to use professionally.

Teacher Tube
Teacher Tube

This site offers many instructional media clips for a variety of content areas.

Learning Styles Inventories
NC State Index of Learning Styles

Click on the link to take the assessment.


Click on the link to take the assessment.

Mathematics Assessment Project (Shell Project)
Shell Project

Click here for access to the formative assessment model from the Shell Project.