Staff Development Resources (Documents)

Folder PowerPoint Resources (2 Files)
ppt file Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
ppt file Jeopardy
Folder Substitute Teaching Course Documents (14 Files)
pdf file A Framework for Teaching
pdf file A Framework for Understanding Poverty
pdf file College and Career Readiness Standards
pdf file Helpful Websites
pdf file Instructional Strategies that Work
ppt file Jones` Classroom Management
pdf file Professionalism
pdf file Responsibilities - Legal Aspects
Sub Folder Classroom Management Handouts (3 Files)
pdf file Classroom Management
pdf file Essential Steps in Establishing a Positive Classroom Environment
pdf file Student Discipline Scenarios
Sub Folder Graphic Organizers (1 Files)
pdf file Graphic Organizers
Sub Folder Games/Creative Ideas for Lessons (2 Files)
pdf file Jeopardy & Swat Games
pdf file Signers of the Declaration of Independence